Mr. Mandipsinh's Residence

This residential building in Talaja Town, Bhavnagar district, is a great example of modern and minimalist design. The use of black flack texture on the exterior walls adds a unique and contrasting element to the predominantly white facade. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also adds depth to the structure.

The building features clean lines and geometric shapes, which are characteristic of modern architecture. The windows and balconies are strategically placed to optimize natural light while maintaining privacy. The top of the building features an overhanging structure, potentially providing shade or shelter for an outdoor balcony.

Overall, the design effectively combines functionality and style, resulting in a visually appealing and comfortable living space. The gated entrance at the ground level ensures security and low visibility while also complementing the overall modern aesthetic of the building. It’s a fine example of how texture and color can be used to enhance architectural design.

Scope Of Work | Architecture / Interior